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When to do an Estate Planning and how an Estate Planning Attorney can help you


Many a times in a person’s lives their personal relationships are strained when they have not planned on settling their assets and properties. The main advise for people is to plan on their wealth. With the help of an estate planning attorney surprise az not only various aspects of wealth transfers during life, estate planning, including business succession planning can also be done, but also these attorney can provide sophisticated strategies, planning charitable donations, and works exempt organizations.

A professional estate planning attorney will be proud to cultivate personal relationships with clients and often work with several generations of the same family.

 The main objective in estate planning is to identify and meet our customers long-term goals for their families. This requires the need for professionals at law to work closely with people and their insurance advisors, accounting and finance to develop a succession plan that carries out its objectives in the most efficient manner in relation to inheritance taxes.


An estate planning attorney can help people from legal stand point by serving them in all the following areas:

  • Wills and Trusts
  • Family business
  • Tax – Wages, Grants, Generational Leap
  • Charitable foundations
  • Litigation Wills and Trusts Heritage
  • pre-marital agreements and after marriage
  • Trusts Dynasties
  • Wealth Management and Trust
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
  • Guardianship Procedures
  • International Wealth Planning
  • Planning Medicaid / Medicare

With the right Estate planning lawyer individuals can get advise on the transfer of their business, real estate or otherwise-to-be the next generation heritage, and of course in the distribution of the estate among the beneficiaries.

The complexity and uncertainty of the current laws of federal and state taxes, require much care is taken when a wealth transfer plan is created during life or a succession plan. The trusts and estates lawyers benefit from the extensive experience in corporate rights law, litigation, family law and residential and commercial real estate in the service of the various needs of people.

The department is active in all phases of wealth management and trust. The lawyers work together with the executors and trustees, both individual and corporate, to ensure they meet their duties well without unnecessary expenses. This assistance includes inventory and valuation of assets, maintenance of books and records, the preparation of statements of state and federal taxes, organizing the distribution of income and principals goods, and preparation of all documents, including postings which they are required by the courts of Heritages. Their goal is to relieve our customers of the considerable loads daily involved in wealth management and trust, so they can concentrate on more important matters.

Given your specific personal and economic situation, these attorneys prepare for you wills and other provisions of last will. In doing so not only they consider the eventual heirs, but also the tax consequences of the transfer of assets. If you are the beneficiary of an estate, they will support to assert their rights as heir. In addition, they will inform you about your rights and obligations as executor, particularly in the context of hereditary partition.

Not only the above said further more the following services can also be sought from Estate planning lawyers with regards to,

Business transfers to family

  • Hereditary, familial and legal and tax advice.
  • Restructuring of the company, before or after transmission.
  • Assuring the financial situation of the employer and spouse.
  • corporate contracts and advisory services.
  • Marriage contracts, wills, inheritance contracts, renunciation of inheritance and legitimate.

Foundations, non-profit entities and institutions

  • Advice on the constitution, establishment and recognition by the authorities.
  • Help in meeting tax obligations.
  • Representation before the authorities and financial courts.
  • Maintenance of public utility.
  • Advice on restructuring the organization and outsourcing services from an economic, legal and tax perspective.
  • Modification of statutes.
  • Cooperations.