Month: February 2017

Loans for Students with Low Interest


I am a college student and I needed few hundred dollars to do an internship program in a company located in another state. Though I did not have any cash in my hand for that still I wanted to do it because it was a paid internship. I was sure that if someone lends money I shall repay him after I get my stipend but I felt which financial institution or money lender will give money for a college student and that too for a small time.

But I was proved wrong when I found an online money lending website which gave Loans for students with low interest to anyone who was above 18 years of age and with a fewer eligibility requirements like that. Some of the advantages in getting student loans from them which I found in the web were

  • very simple qualification
  • instant approval
  • safe loan transaction
  • easy repayments
  • and the entire process was online so no need to travel to places to get a loan and above all the maintained a good amount of privacy of their customers.